In the time you can guzzle down that first morning coffee here are a few helpful tips to make your website 100% better.

1. No more “Learn More” buttons

Learn More, does that entice you to click? Do you know what to expect when clicking that? Well neither do you users. Buttons should have affirmative calls to action (CTA) in order to drive clicks. Simply placing learn more is no different then a limp wristed handshake with your potential clients. Instead consider stronger wording like, “Let’s get started now”, “Join for a free…”, “Sign Up Now”, “Discover how to…”

See firm, strong, actionable wording. That will drive the clicks you seek on your site.

2. Give your knowledge away

That’s right don’t be a miser and hold back. Your website needs to build trust and help potential clients decided that you know what you claim you know. So go ahead share that wisdom you have spent years learning. Go for it, give away the farm! But do it concisely. Your website visitors want to feel like they can trust you quickly. They want to understand you and what you know and offer to them as fast as possible. Consider creating a small guide as a pdf you can give away (if you need help Beyond the Pixel can offer design services for you). Why not pair this great pdf of knowledge with a strong call to action button you just made. That’s certainly going to grab some trust and awareness that you know the things you do.

3. The power of “Z”

No not Z as in the power of Zorro or any other fictional character. The power of Z is based on firm psychology that has figured out how people read your website. No matter how fancy your words are and strong those buttons become, they don’t overcome the stumbling block of a great website layout. Many smart people who study things have figured out that the first interactions with your site are view in a Z pattern. That’s it, the super secret power of great site layout. A quick scan left to right on the header (is your navigation simple, how about contact information included?) the eyes dart down and left, hopefully right to that powerful button you made, and finally across the bottom.

Master this layout and you will be sure to see more engagement on your site.

Z-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content | by Nick Babich | UX Planet

4. Check the mobile view

So you’ve got this amazing site layout, choose the greatest fonts, crafted strong words, and then realize that your site doesn’t work at all on a mobile platform. Well, time to resolve that. Your site looking amazing on mobile is really important since statistically (sure sure 8 out of 10 stats are made up) more people access the web on a mobile device such as their phone or tablet than they do on a desktop. So that site has to look tight on mobile. You can have the most fantastic website when looking at it from a desktop. Still, if it doesn’t automatically format to mobile view on a phone, you will appear digitally incompetent. So fix up that mobile view so your site looks amazing on all the screen sizes.

There you have it! 4 tips, quick changes that will make your site stand out all while drinking that first morning coffee. How about it did you implement them? Or if you need help with your site and some suggestions how to improve it, we’re always happy to chat about how we can help you stand out in the sea of ordinary. Go ahead contact us, we would love to get started on your site right away.